The Necrotic Design E​.​P

by Decryptus

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part3; OUROBOROS RISING (9.22)


released September 23, 2015

Will Magnusson - Vocals & Guitar
Sam Phillips - Drums
Dominic Zambelli - Bass
Dane McKenzie - Guitar

Recorded at Yarrow studios ( between May and June, 2015 .Produced by Sacha Yarrow and Decryptus. Mixed by Sacha Yarrow and Will Magnusson. Mastered at Crystal Mastering (

All music composed by Will Magnusson and Decryptus. All Lyrics Written by Will Magnusson except for excerpt from George Orwell's book. Nineteen eighty four.

Artwork by abstract chaos design.

Photography by Jamie Larken from House of phoenix eleven.



all rights reserved


Decryptus Australia

Combining elements of old School thrash with the brutality of death metal and the aggression of hardcore, Decryptus came together in early 2013 to create a chaotic hybrid of modern metal.
Decryptus entered Yarrow studios in May 2015 to record their eagerly awaited ep THE NECROTIC DESIGN. Released 23/09/15 as a single track it will leave you breathless in its complexity and relentlessness
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Track Name: The Necrotic Design
We are fucking slaves
The maggots gorge in a visceral blood frenzy
Fattened on the carcass that is capitalist greed
Above the putrid carrion dark masters refine
Insinuate and seed the necrotic design

Greed is their begotten progeny
Manifesting corruption
Feeding a consumerist society
Pathetic government cower
Puppets of the oligarchy
Herded to be slaughtered
And devoured

Devoured by dark masters
We rot in our graves
Bow down to your master
Your mind enslaved

Enthroned bloodlines Consolidate converge
Vast ancient empires Secreting subverting wealth and power
Contrived conflict manipulates perception
In controlling what is truth
They control what is reality

“Democracy has become twisted, an incongruous fallacy of a plutocratic empire, concealing their malignant agenda of control behind a decaying veneer of freedom. The Global financial system has been insidiously engineered to perpetuate debt and subjugate an insular population herded and manipulated by worthless paper.”

Fuck your world
Fuck your trends
Fuck your superficial existence
You are the drones of their necrotic design
Disinformation created to blind and enslave
Like a product you’ve been made
Manufactured in a cage
A like a product you’ve been made
Psychologically enslaved

“The serpent coils in the dimensional infinite
Incorporeal dreams of the physical harvest
Above the zenith the slitted eye manipulates all”

The maggots rise in defiance and anger
Awakening to the chains that adorn their minds
Behind the politician’s sympathetic lies
Dark masters initiate the downfall of mankind

In minute increments
They constrict
The flow of currency
Economic suffocation
Formulated stagnation
Worldwide Depression breeds
As poverty reigns
Until the financial systems collapses
Conceived to funnel wealth then fail

The rancid carcass
Has withered dry
Civilization crumbles
Built on a foundation of lies
By The Architects of
Our demise

Will you eat your fucking money?
When you are starving and it is worthless

Ravaged cities, blackened ruins
Bloated corpses choke the streets
Famine desecrates morality
Anarchy breeds chaos
A new dark age of man is birthed
Civil warfare rapes the earth
Governments dissolve, devoured
Dictators arise clawing for power

Ragged skeletal armies
March unto war
Devoured as one
The dead rot in the sun
A world of bloodshed
Drowning in hatred
The serpents feeding
The harvest reaping

And so they have created chaos
Hidden In positions of power
They create to destroy
They destroy to create
Within one breath millions die
Mushroom clouds fill the sky
Nuclear fire devastates the earth
The purge before the rebirth
Celestial serpents
Of alternate voids
Sate their thirst
Of this dimensional reality
In the remnants of the nuclear fallout
Diseased winds silently caress
Ashes fall
From a blood stained sky
Endless landscapes of death

The maggots crawl from beneath the remains
And begin to rebuild society
It matters not who is the victor
For all have all been deceived

In the wake of the nuclear cleansing
Cross, square and compass gather survivors
A temple in every bastion of man
A voice of reason the assume command
We bleed
A vile stillbirth brings to fruition
The perfection of enslavement is to make us
Believe we are free

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
We are enslaved

The victorious imperium
Masquerade’s as our saviour
And unites all under one banner
Blindly we rejoice in this new world of order

And so it is written
And so it shall be done
They create chaos out of order
To create a new order out of chaos

Dead eyes closed minds
Trapped in an Orwellian nightmare
Broken grotesque
The bleak future manifests

The maggots writhe in perpetual torment
Blinded fragmented in squalid decay
Above decrepit ruins of blood earth and sky
The faceless enslave eternal the children of mankind

We are rotting dead inside
Ruled by fear driven by greed
Anointed with lies that we cannot perceive
We will never transcend their carcinogenic ideology
What makes you think were free?

I clutch the sceptre of my dominion above the drones enslaved. They will never find for they will never seek forever trapped within this dissonant reality I have created. Constrained within this materialist utopia a broken spiritual wasteland