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Thomas Stites great full of energy an ep that i listen to constantly Favorite track: Hatred evolved.
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released October 19, 2013

Demo XIII recorded at Yarrow studios on the 7th of August 2013
all song written by Will Magnusson and Decryptus. Drums written by Sam Phillips. All lyric written by will Magnusson and Adam Wainwright. Produced by Sacha Yarrow and Will Magnusson. Mixed by Sacha Yarrow and Will Magnusson. Mastered by Sacha Yarrow of Yarrow studios



all rights reserved


Decryptus Australia

Combining elements of old School thrash with the brutality of death metal and the aggression of hardcore, Decryptus came together in early 2013 to create a chaotic hybrid of modern metal.
Decryptus entered Yarrow studios in May 2015 to record their eagerly awaited ep THE NECROTIC DESIGN. Released 23/09/15 as a single track it will leave you breathless in its complexity and relentlessness
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Track Name: Hatred evolved
It hides behind my silence
A violent malice saturates my flesh
Seething hatred repressed inside me
It gnaws within

I feel it fill my veins
Dark thoughts evoke my conscious
I want the blood to flow
The red haze takes control
Initiate your death
Suffer my depravity
Destroying you with aggression
Defiling your humanity

Evolving hatred
Dissolving pain
To long have I listened to your ignorant distain
The blood on my hands
The blood on your face
The time has come to punish witness your disgrace

Stagnant cage of pain
Fragments of sanity
Sterilizing your emotions
Blood has set me free

I dwell in the darkness of pain
Strength comes from misery
A violent hate filled rage
I told you not to fuck with me
Malevolence unfolding chaos
Darkness will never cease
Ruptured hate becoming violence
My hatred is unleashed

Evolving hatred
Dissolving pain
To long have I listened to your ignorant distain
The blood on my hands
The blood on your face
The time has come to punish witness your disgrace……..

Ill fucking tear you apart
Ill fucking rip you apart
Ill fucking tear you apart
Ill fucking rip you apart………
Breed to consume we devour each other Leaving nothing unscathed I feel saturated in our sickness we cannot stop ourselves we are the cancer we are the infection I watch them all the very centres of their own pathetic universe and the waves of hatred threaten to overwhelm me as does the rotted feted stench of humanity
My vile mind sees your flesh in pain you will suffer
Your corpse rots in my mind in pain I will deliver
Agonies I inflict on your flesh
No remorse will you find in my heart
Agonies I inflict on your flesh
No remorse will you find in my heart……….

Stabbing ripping bleeding dying hating
Mutilated flesh is torn away
Disfigured carcass twitching feebly
The (blood) frenzy I enjoy
Victimised in sickening morbid bloodshed
Vomit a my cruel depravity
Hacking a your face shredded gore
Brutal savagery

Hatred evolved
I am hate
I am pain
I am hate
I am pain……..
Your fucking dead…..
Track Name: Nightmares made flesh
Seething in darkness
Torturess embrace
Dead yet dreaming
Of the unleashing
Of everything
In its rightful place

I feel it coming
I smell the blood of sacrifice
I want altars flooded
Pyres burning lighting endless night
There is nothing left
Not even your hope is pure
Reopen the gates to chaos
True disorder restored

Your religions have failed
Your gods are dead
You’ve only the psychosomatic ramblings of your own fucking head
You’ve built a monstrosity
To your own stupidity
Feeble versions of lust and greed
All who fall become my creed

You will know hate
And you will know pain
And you will suffer pleasures on imaginable
Or you will die
Die endlessly

This is no promise of heaven
All your nightmares made flesh
Your destruction saved only by my tolerance
Revel in this landscape of death

Even though I wade through rivers of blood
There are still to many living
And I promise you will not live one second more
Unless you join the killing

Sick of watching you live blind
Gates fall drown in black tides
As your word is overrun
All are enemies
Now I have come……..

Feel my tentacle’s caress your spine
Dragged down into the pit
Now you are mine
You will fuck and you will kill
Together our love and blood will spill
Bathed in the blood
Of those once loved
You will learn the eternal truth
Without conscious without mind
Endless slaughter for endless time…
Endless time…..

Nightmares made flesh…..

Let the gates be thrust open
Let the watcher be dismissed
And blood will rain from the sky
Let the ruin of man begin

Nightmare’s made flesh
Let the ruin of man begin